Who should have an eye exam?

Residents who have not had an eye exam within the last year. Residents with the following diagnoses or complaints of: Blurry and/or double vision Eye infections Red, irritated, itchy, or burning eyes or eyelids Excessive tearing or dry eye Glaucoma Cataracts Macular degeneration or other retinal diseases Residents diagnosed with any of the following [...]

Is the exam within the facility just like going to a “normal” doctor visit?

Typically, a small private room is set up as a temporary exam room.  We are also able to provide bedside exams, if needed.  An examination includes the following: Vision distance measurements (near and far) with and without current eyeglasses. Testing of peripheral vision. Evaluation of pupil reactions, eye movement, and coordination. Test for glaucoma. [...]

How do I get my loved one scheduled for an exam in their facility?

Family members and loved ones of theA r resident’s loved one should reach out to the Social Services Director, Director of Nursing, or Administrator of their respective home and request an appointment.  You may also fill out the form provided here, or reach out to Onsight Vision Care directly at 501-773-0312 for more information. [...]