OnSight Vision Care:  COVID-19 Infection Control Protocol

The health and safety of your residents, staff, and visitors is of the upmost importance to Onsight Vision Care (OVC).  Beginning immediately, our team of optometrists and team members will follow the protocols listed below when visiting your facility.  These protocols follow what is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), and the American Optometric Association (AOA).

Section 1: Instructions Prior To Facility Visit

  • OVC will monitor staff travel to ensure any OVC team member does not visit high-risk locations.  Any out of state or out of country travel will be reported to Drew Williams at 501-773-0312.
  • OVC will verify with each facility a current update on any new COVID-19 cases regarding their residents and staff.
  • Each corresponding optometrist and team member will check and record their temperature before departing for their respective visit.

If a member of the OVC team has a temperature reading of 100.4 degrees or higher:

  • The person will not be allowed to travel to the respective facility for the scheduled clinic day.  He or she will be required to self quarantine for 14 days starting with the date of the temperature reading mentioned above.
  • OVC will be notified immediately at 501-773-0312
  • OVC will highly encourage the employee to contact their doctor immediately.  If a physician provides OVC with a written document stating the team member is clear of COVID-19 the team member will be allowed back to work based upon their physician’s recommendation.

Section 2: Cleaning of Optometric Equipment / Computers

  • Ensure all equipment and laptop computers are thoroughly disinfected using guidelines CDC guidelines before entering facility.
  • Contact points on equipment and frames will be cleaned and disinfected (per CDC guidelines) between each resident exam.

Section 3: OnSight Vision Care Guidelines During Facility Visit

  • Upon arrival, each optometrist/team member will confirm the facility’s contact person for the visit.  This facility contact will be a staff member in charge of providing necessary paperwork and delivering residents to the OVC in a timely manner.
  • OVC team member(s) will thoroughly wash hands for 20 seconds or sterilize with an alcohol-based rub upon arrival.
  • OVC will be provided a clean and sanitized space to conduct eye exams.
  • OVC will utilize Personal Protective Equipment, as available and in accordance with recommendations from the CDC.
  • OVC will maintain and practice social distancing as much as possible so as not to physically contact the resident outside of clinical necessity.
  • OVC team member(s) will use an alcohol-based hand rub or wash with soap and water between each resident.

Section 4: Post Visit Notes/Glasses Dispensing

  • Post visit exam notes and summaries will be given to the facility contact.
  • If any referrals or exam notes need to be brought to the facility’s attention, it will be done in the same room where exams were performed.
  • Glasses will be dispensed in a similar fashion as the previous exams.
  • Each OVC team member that dispensed glasses will ensure they are disinfected per CDC guidelines before bringing them back to the facility.
  • The respective OVC team member will wash their and between every resident and wear the appropriate PPE as required by the facility.

OnSight Vision Care will continue to monitor CMS and CDC guidelines as well as COVID-19 guidance from both state and local authorities.

OnSight Vision Care: Addendum to COVID-19 Policy

Effective: September 2, 2020

The health and safety of your residents, staff, and visitors is of the upmost importance to Onsight Vision Care (OVC).  Our team of optometrists and employees will follow the protocols listed below when visiting your facility.  These protocols follow the new testing requirements issued by CMS for all Nursing Homes (NH) to be effective September 2, 2020.

Optometrists and employees of OVC will be tested up to 2 times per week depending on the testing requirements for the respective NH they are entering. OVC will closely monitor the COVID-19 Viral (RT-PCR) Laboratory 7-Day Test Positivity Rates issued by CMS on a biweekly basis to determine the test requirements in place for a given home.

OVC’s optometrists and/or employees will either present a current, negative test and/or be tested on site to gain entry to NH in order to provide our services.